2017,Lightstage Gallery, Hong Kong

The art series Movement, consist of two large art pieces, Emote and Movement. Existing within a larger exhibition project, Origin,  the two artworks are an analysis of the struggles of societal pressures, psychological and physical ailments represented through extreme movement of the body and the facial expression that may be portrayed as a result. The intention is to show discomfort yet the liberation and freedom from such issues.


Emote, a large painting of blue faces depicting complex portraitures of expressions, is hung from the ceiling examining the viewers below. The portraitures give life to the inner worlds of individuals suffering captured by research from a number of interviewed individuals. With each expression depicting its own form of struggle.


Movement, oriented below surrounds the space and encloses the viewer from three sides. A 24-meter long canvas painting, Movement, shows the human figure contoured in movement throughout the sweeping canvas. With their extreme movements, the bodies represent the liberation from identity, faces, time, and space of the struggles represented above (within Emote) - acting as a celebration of the dance of life without judgement.


Sub-Conscious, a series of paintings produced with acrylic and pigment on canvas, are delicate and fragile works, capturing the elusive nature of sub-consciousness and formed identity. Pigment, a fragile material by nature slowly fades given time, similar to our sub-consciousness which fades in and out during all times.


Subconscient and Unconscious, depicts a gestural and abstracted approach to representation of the sub-conscious. A performance in its own during production, sees the mixture of blue acrylics and pigments splattered meticulously and strategically upon the canvas representing the glimpses of awareness to our state of being.

The extended series of Sub-Conscious, the triptych Fetus 1, 2, and 3, is a more controlled series of paintings produced by brush using the similar medium across the series. In its examination of the relationship between mother and baby, Fetus explores the idea of the forming identity in the early period of life. In contrast, Fetus challenges the fragility of the sub-consciousness as it takes form through life and body depicted in its more controlled gestural applications of acrylic and pigment.

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