2017,Lightstage Gallery, Hong Kong

Consisting of two out-stretched rolls of fabric, Movement depicts both Motion and Emotion. Analysing the struggles of societal pressure as well as psychological and physical ailments, Jacarini representation is of these extreme expressions and gestures exhibited through painted body movement and facial expressions. The twisted appearance and contorted body, she wrings the discomfort out of spectators in an combative manner. Large intimidating blue faces depicting portraitures of expressions, are hung from the ceiling to examine the viewers below. The portraitures give visual references to the inner thoughts of individuals suffering, captured by Jacarini’s research from a number of interviewed individuals.


While another elongated piece of fabric surrounds the space, enclosing viewers from three sides. The painted portraits illustrate figures in contorted positions in a sweeping motion across the entire piece. The works are complicated further by the conflated sculptural shapes and painterly space that characterises the feeling of falling, in a way to story-tell our internal narrative in times of distress. By choice Jacarini begs the questions if the figures are catching themselves or fall as a psycho-analysis of how negatively or positively we view situations

Ophelia Jacarini - Origin Exhibition 1
Ophelia Jacarini - Origin Exhibition 2


Sub-Conscious is a delicate and fragile depiction of capturing elusive behaviour and formed identity. In keeping with her exploration of identity, movement, and notions of purity, Jacarini uses fragile blue pigments on canvas to emulate how filtered everyday subject matter can fade into concealed milieu. The gestural abstraction of her application represents the common distortion of our subconscious, splattered meticulously and strategically across the bound canvas much a like the way we delve in and out of our own mind-space. Serving as an interpretation of the glimpses of our awareness to our state of being, she challenges spectators to question the belief of their consciousness.

The extended series of Sub-Conscious, the triptych Fetus 1, 2, and 3, is a more controlled series of paintings produced by brush using the similar medium across the series. In its examination of the relationship between mother and baby, Fetus explores the idea of the forming identity in the early period of life. In contrast, Fetus challenges the fragility of the sub-consciousness as it takes form through life and body depicted in its more controlled gestural applications of acrylic and pigment.

Ophelia Jacarini -  Sub-conscious 1
Ophelia Jacarini -  Sub-conscious 2
Ophelia Jacarini -  Sub-conscious 3