INTRAVERSE is a bridge between metaverse and our physical universe, forming an interlink between each other. Performing the dance in physical universe and capturing it in metaverse results into the output which is interlinked fluidity between both verses. 
As the continuation of HYSTERESIS from a different angle, INTRAVERSE is not only capturing the motion of the dance performance but also combining it with the surrounding space around. Performing dance on staircases of different locations in Hong Kong and capturing it in metaverse make the essence of the creative process.
Every dance performance would never be exactly the same due to the nature of the movement. Consequently INTRAVERSE has captured the dance performance in different locations and each location has influenced the output that is in digital sculpture form due to the shape of architectural design.


Digital sculpture produced in the metaverse, influenced by the surrounding architecture as shown on video. Minted as NFT.

Ophelia Jacarini - Intraverse NFT