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INTRAVERSE is an interactive digital sculpture representing ephemerality and temporal time passing. Using dance to give visibility to ephemeral moments in physical universe and capturing it in the Metaverse, Ophelia Jacarini aims to build a bridge between the verses with INTRAVERSE. 


Slowly floating and rotating digital sculpture on a large scale screen, INTRAVERSE is accompanied by a calming piano music. Through artificial intelligence and computer vision, the digital sculpture reacts to hand movements made in front of the screen. Inviting everyone to be a part of the motion, the floating form slightly changes its shape during the interactivity.


Not only capturing the ephemerality but also combining it with the surrounding architectural space where it was captured. The architecture makes an impact on the sculpture itself by its relatively small size. Using a virtual reality headset, capturing the movement in restricted space with no vision makes Ophelia Jacarini to find an escape from the invisible which then comes in an aesthetic way as she essentially aims to put a light on the unseen. 


The music accompanying the installation gives room to the imagination of the audience, encouraging them to move within the space given and produce a visible path of their motion on the screen.


Including interactivity in her work for the first time, with INTRAVERSE she explores the intersection of dance, sound and visual to the extent of analysing the relationship between physical and virtual worlds. The monochrome look of the room accentuates the intuitive experience through the interactivity.

Experimenting with three-dimensional digital work and bringing visibility to the motion path of a dance, Ophelia Jacarini plays with our understanding of time passing with an invitation to see the unseen.

Ophelia Jacarini Intraverse Exhibition
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