Containing methods of photography and motion capture, this series depicts forgotten actions subsequent to its shifted focus on results. Jacarini’s fluid figures and whimsical motifs rise to the surface, backdropped against an opposing deep void of haunting blues. The forms, although abstract, are familiar in shape tapping into our subconscious knowledge of body movement and human form. Her visuals are the product of accentuated movement captured in its immortality, prolonging its existence. The results created by dance are in fact nuanced figures that correlate with the similarity of our overlooked memories.


Jacarini’s application of monochromatic hues engulfs the viewer into each piece’s interior realm. The replication of movement floats upon the exterior giving the illusion of movement. Her overall objective is for the spectator to be present, appreciating the interactive moment and highlighting how similar ephemeral moments are essential as they are fragile. In a result-driven world, Jacarini questions whether the pressures to always look forward and seek results prevents us from really living.

Ophelia Jacarini - Manifest Ephemeral piece 1

Within ‘Tomorrow Maybe’ gallery at Eaton Hong Kong, a palette of deep dark blue predominantly covers the walls of the gallery space where each frame appears seamless evoking an essence of floating images as a performance element in itself. 

The projection room exhibits a filmography installation focused on movement and performance which contributes as live emotion within the show. 

The installation printed sculpture in the centre of the floor space creates an active depth and division within the composition of the main exhibit as if coming to life.

Stepping through a portal to another section of the exhibition, a private screening of the featured dance performance is highlighted.


Opening the video with unfocused close shots of an unrecognisable figure was to draw close attention solely to the movements created. As it continues the form of a dancer becomes more recognisably seen to be enwrapped in a veil of delayed motion. As Ophelia continues to dance in a sequence of narrative movements, each movement is suspended moments longer by the exaggerated flow of fabric. Defying ephemerality by prolonging something that ordinarily has passed with time by demonstrating its ability to be seen thereafter.


Created in the studio Ophelia plays the role of Dancer, Videographer and Choreographer to govern the overall arrangement extending from her series MANIFEST EPHEMERAL.