Results are judged through their actions, but often the very movements comprising each action are forgotten through their results. Movements are transitory and ephemeral, lost in time and through progression. I wish to capture each of these movements; suspending the previously unseen into existence as a sculptural installation made of photography focusing on the importance of the beautiful brief moments that deliver profound results. Fixed on a final destination we often neglect the importance of the journey. Unintentionally we flood our minds with dissatisfaction and stress as we navigate the labyrinth of ‘productivity’ and progress. We must recapture the present and the purity in presence.

Manifest Ephemeral comprises of both sculptural installation, performance and photography art, the sculpture/installation resulting from photo capturing the choreographed performance and the dancer’s unique movements. The camera capturing the dance movements, documents and brings into existence the progression of the ephemeral; the movements, gestures, and expressions represented in a unique structure of shapes and forms.

Entitled Manifest Ephemeral, this series of Photographs explores the transitory nature of time, shifting focus to beautiful moments of brevity that unfurl into profound, lasting change.

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