The study of Fine Arts and Fashion in Paris in addition to 17 years of ballet training has acted as a combined intellectual exploration of time and space, allowing me to see the human body in different concepts and transformative states creating artworks conveying all elements of dance, fine arts and fabric.

By including interwoven processes of structural movements within the human form, my paintings, installations, sculptures and live performances act as an evolutionary study of materialising the intangible states of the subconscious and emotions all while personifying freedom in movement. 

My body of work all interlink as a progression of artistic growth and evolving studies. With knowledge of human anatomy along with the intangible states of consciousness, I share a sequence of visual development within my body of work. Performance and movement always being at the core of my construction process leading to the final outcome in the medium most relevant to the subject. Each piece determines and leads to the next project.


My early works manifested themselves as concepts onto painted canvas, time in journey transformed my later work into forms and actions through dance, photography, collaborations, and digital technology. As I continue my examination of the human body, I move towards concepts that weave the notion of time, spontaneity, space, and presence.  


In 2013, I embarked on a journey to Asia with a desire to explore the different traditions and cultures. I visited many places all acting as inspirational cornerstones to my practice. Coming into my seventh year in Hong Kong, I continue to be influenced by my surroundings in my artistic process while allowing my work to exist as an extension to how I believe to live; free and independent.


Producing and hosting my exhibitions independently, I have become accustomed to taking on multiple roles as curator, artist, and more, defining locations, determining themes, and managing operations. Through my work I aim to generate a dialogue with the viewers by design inviting them to interact with my work and installations consciously.

My recent ongoing work MANIFEST EPHEMERAL, a series of photographs produced in Studio, presents the powerful elemental force of the time interlinked with dance. The focus subject of Manifest Ephemeral being my ongoing investigation into the infinite and ungovernable character of Ephemerality.

Taken from a frontal viewpoint, I capture distinct variations of silhouetted motion formed by dance within the arrested momentum of fabric surrounding my body whilst performing. 

By capturing the moments of my performance I play the role of the dancer and photographer in order to attain an immersive viewpoint, which appears to extend beyond the limits of individual subjective experience.

I now merge the  physical and virtual worlds by using an AI-powered movement detection system, using body pose estimation to capture dance movement. I called this evolution of my work : HYSTERESIS