As a French-born, Hong Kong-based artist, Ophelia Jacarini is driven by her practice that combines fine arts, dance, sculpture and technology. Her fascination in motion and capturing it, got her to explore different techniques to produce sculpted formations created by motion within a space. Her connection to blue colour can be seen throughout her body of work, as Jacarini is drawn to the elements in nature that have motion and fluidity in association with non-tangible subject matter. Also blue being the color of communication and self-expression, it is one of the core elements of Jacarini's work.

Studying Fine Arts and Fashion in Paris in addition to her 17 years of ballet training, Jacarini utilised methodologies such as photography, videography, hologram, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, she has been in an endeavour to achieve her aim to be able to freeze the motion within time and space, converting the invisible form to a tangible state and making it visible to audience. Although Jacarini's work is centralised around fleeting, ephemeral and entropic characteristics of motion, her process results in a visible output. 


The inception of her vision was originally around a more “traditional” practice, leveraging organic materials and applying her repertoire of skills which she has gained from her conventional studies. Jacarini’s early works incorporated delicate embroidery, textiles and painted canvas juxtaposed with raw patterns of exposed vulnerability and entangled motion. With the developments in techniques, her work continues in an interlinked, time-lining progression of artistic exploration and ever- evolving studies, each one determining the the next.