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French-born, Hong Kong based Ophelia Jacarini studied Fine Arts and Fashion in Paris besides 17 years of ballet training. Her practice is very much impacted by her interest in movement in relation to dance and natural ephemeral phenomena. Aiming to capture temporal motion, she explores every possible way to bring visibility to the unseen.


Working across a variety of media, she produces photography, video, hologram, embroidery, painting as well as interactive/immersive installation.


The complexity of her endeavour in surfacing the invisible drives her to use artificial intelligence, virtual reality and motion capture in her process. Along with digital technologies, she also utilises light weight fabric as an extension of the dancers’ body to emphasise the dance moves.


Dance movement becomes the carving tool of her practice and the abstract looking outcome evades the dancer’s body to only focus on the motion.


Always looking for ways to materialise time, space, motion and disappearance, Ophelia Jacarini’s works take various shapes. Not holding to any specific medium to convey her message, she lets the making process determine the outcome. 


The act of transforming the invisible/visible and ephemeral/timeless takes an important role in her every bodies of work.


Involving interactivity in her most recent works, Ophelia Jacarini takes a closer look at the perceptive dynamics of the audience through their experiences. The universal language built up by the interactivity is currently feeding her methodology. 


She is currently investigating the possibility of taking her three-dimensional work into tangible state. The combination of sculpture, interactivity and technology is a crucial element of her current practice.

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