Ophelia works across a wide array of mediums, including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture.

Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts.

Her delicate techniques embody her ideas. Her sensitive approach acts upon traditional convention often governing the representation and vision of the body. The human body stands as a perfect subject with regards to her background both from fashion and fine arts.After a long study on the body as an envelope, she turned her focus to the intangible, such as mental madness, or the fetal memories.




2020 Backstage On-going performance on a digital platform

2019 Body installation, Be there too Art & Design Festival, kwun tong, Hong Kong 

2019 Pig Parade, Public Art Project,Sovereign Art Fondation Group show, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong 

2019 Kirka, Bali, Indonesia

2019 Bejart installation, Jakarta plane, Indonesia

2019 Solo show, Eaton DC, Washington DC, USA

2019 Bejart installation, Arboretum, Washington DC, USA

2019 Dance performance in collaboration with cityshake, Ireland

2019 Beyond Border exhibition Loft 22, Hong Kong 

2019 Dance performance in collaboration with cityshake, Macau
2019 Gallery Eaton, Blooming, Hong Kong
2018 Bejart installation, Château de Pomponne, Paris, France
2018 Bejart installation, Zeitz Museum, Cape Town, South Africa
2018 Bejart installation, Art School of Merida, collaboration with la Copola, Merida, Mexico 

2018 Bejart installation, Heritage Housse, George Town, Malaysia 
2018 Bejart installation, Cable Car Housse, Kyoto, Japon
2018 Bejart installation, Lamma, Hong Kong

2018 Blooming, The Spring Workshop, HK Human Right Art, Hong Kong

2018 Blooming, HKAPA, Hong Kong
2018 HKAPA Dance performance, Hong Kong
2017 Villa Barone Alfieri, MANDRA, Italy (Sicily)

2017 Harbour Front, sensitiveness, Hong Kong

2017 Gallery Lightstage, Origin, Hong Kong

2017 Gallery Lightstage, Atelier, Hong Kong

2018 Eaton award, Human Rights 2018 
2017 French May, Hong Kong

“Un tableau ne vit que par celui qui le regarde.” 

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