From the age of three, I started to practice ballet. Dancing gave me independence and freedom while introducing me to the intricate connections and love affair between the structure and movements of the human body.  As I began to explore fine arts, it acted as an intellectual exploration into time and space allowing me to see the human body in many concepts and in transformation.


French native, I embarked on a journey to Asia with a desire to explore the different traditions and cultures. I visited many places all acting as inspirational cornerstones to my practice. Coming into my sevens year in Hong Kong, I continue to be influenced by the surroundings in my artistic process while allowing my work to exist as an extension to how I believe to live; free and independent.  Like the many connections between structure and movements in the human body, my paintings, installations, sculptures, performances, act as a constant transformation and examination in my artistic growth.


Producing and hosting my exhibitions independently, I am use to take on multiple roles as curator, artist, manager and more, defining locations, determining themes, and managing operations. I seek to offer a different perspective that may not be shown in galleries; one that shares a view into artistic process and interactive work that as to be seen, live and experience. Through my work I aim to capture a dialogue with the viewers by inviting them to interact with my work and installations consciously or not.


My early works manifested themselves as concepts onto canvas by painting, time in journey transformed my latter work into form and actions through dance, photography, collaborations, and dimension. As I continue my examination of the human body, I move towards concepts that weave notion of time, spontaneity, space, and presence. 



“Un tableau ne vit que par celui qui le regarde.” 

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