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2017 Villa Barone Alfieri, Italy 

The conceptualisation of motion takes precedence over the motion itself. Fascinated by the movement of water and its impact on human brain, Ophelia Jacarini wonders how to reproduce such impact through her work called MANDRA. 


Made of a two meter diameter metallic circle, weaved with blue embroidered rope, MANDRA is attached to a seven meter high ceiling. The invisible thread that links the fourteen kilogram piece to the roof makes the work appearing like a floating object in the room. Developed by conventional embroidery techniques, Ophelia used rope instead of thine cotton treads to scale up the technique which is usually seen on small, delicate fabric. 


Idea and concept initiate the making process of MANDRA originates from a non-tangible but yet know aspect: Water.


The almost symmetrical shape of the embroidery leaves an hypnotic effect on the ones looking at it. Similar to the calming effect of the water on human mind, MANDRA is a questioning into means of healing. The hypnotic visual experience assisted by the wind adds a rotational movement to the hanging piece. Most of the time moving slowly, the circular motion of it also impacts the perception of the overall work. 


Through this work, Ophelia Jacarini contemplates simultaneously the temporality of two different notions, water and movement, and reveals the work that oscillate between hypnotic and ataractic. MANDRA recalls our sub-consciousness with its connection to the water. 

Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 1

[ Exhibition view, MANDRA 2017 Cotton rope embroidered on metal circle, 2000 x 2000 x 5cm ]

Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 2
Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 3
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