2017 Villa Barone Alfieri, Italy 

Influenced by the notion of holistic healing, Jacarini was granted a residency in Sicily to understand more about organic medicines and therapies. In addition to her numerous studies on therapeutic arts, medicine, and meditation prior, her work would be influenced from a heightened aspect. Seen throughout her body of work, Jacarini’s use of high pigmented blues is a nod to nature’s transitional elements that flow and create calm. The piece creates a silent communication between natural light, turning wind, and harmonious colour, building on the sensorial experience of movement, colour, and perception.


Her study of the effects of water, the sound, the fluid movement, the visual, colour, shape resulting in her understanding of why it is widely used to heal the body and the mind. Reinterpreted, Jacarini used textiles bound together and dyed with a cobalt blue pigment to replicate repetitive movement and calm to relax its observer. Mandra, reflecting this idea, sees its form as both repetitive in its unique embroidery and its movement, a hypnotic visual experience assisted by the wind in the space it is hung. The artwork is permanently exhibited on the seaside of Sicily, hung to the ceiling of a room which is exposed to wind.

Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 1

Cotton rope embroidered on metal circle, 2000 x 2000 x 5cm 

Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 2
Ophelia Jacarini - Mandra 3