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Having studied textile and pattern making, Ophelia Jacarini incorporates fabric and embroidery into her practice. Previously using embroidery in a scaled up format, BLOOMING is composed of nine small scale embroidery using five threads matching the skin colour tones. Hanged at the centre of a see-through acrylic boxe, the nine pieces illustrate the motion a female body rising up.


Interested in the natural growing movement of a body, Ophelia Jacarini correlate this series of embroidery to social stigma. Pulling the embroidery strings out of the boxes through the minuscule holes, she aims to represent the struggles of majority of women. The sensation of being trapped in an invisible box is literally shown within this body of work.


The number nine is a reference the nine month of the pregnancy. Making a focus on femininity, the natural movement of a growing fetus and female body is interlinked to the women.


While it can be seen as one woman growing through the nine boxes, it can also be interpreted as nine different women in each box, BLOOMING series make a unique approach to femininity. 


This work does not suggest an alternative story of women struggles but an understanding of it, as it is often normalised or forgotten. 

Ophelia Jacarini - Blooming Body embroidary 1

N1/9 Blooming 

Ophelia Jacarini - Blooming Body embroidary 2

N4/9 come here 

Ophelia Jacarini - Blooming Body embroidary 3

N9/9 Opened

Ophelia Jacarini - Blooming Body embroidary 4

[ Group exhibtion 2018, OVERGROWON, M&L, Hong Kong]

Ophelia Jacarini - Blooming Body embroidary 5

[ Solo exhibtion view . BLOOMED 2020, Kong Art Space, Hong Kong

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