HYSTERESIS represents a unique moment of a body dancing in space between reality and fantasy.


It takes form as a three-dimensional digital sculpture presented in a physical holographic frame. Depicted with simple blue geometrical shapes, this work focuses on an ephemeral moment. Freezing the fast-paced flow of a dance into the visibility, HYSTERESIS opens up a path to the unseen.


Using her body as a carving tool, Ophelia Jacarini transforms her movement into a visual shape. Through digital technologies in her process, she makes a recording of the motion to construct a digital sculpture. Presenting the captured movement in a visible but yet non-tangible form, it takes imagination to recompose the choreography used in the process.


Adopting a unique rendering technique to present the three-dimensional shape through the beams of light, HYSTERESIS opens a portal to the Metaverse. Focusing on the conceptual and perceptional aspect of her works, she carefully selects a certain medium which would carry the idea suitably while magnifying the journey of the dance. 


Movement being at the core of this work, hologram allows Ophelia Jacarini to introduce the steps of her dance through a sculptural shape which is contently floating and rotating, presenting the work in a constant motion. 


Ophelia Jacarini focuses her interest into the invisible beyond the perception of our senses. HYSTERESIS employs a meaning around the concepts that we are conscious about, but yet forgettable and temporal. Her solicitude in how dance would shape the space results in representation open for an understanding from individual perspective.