With its obscure form and vague refinement, the form of Hysteresis is a perplexing enigma of framed dubious matter. Jacarini’s neutrality combined with her complex nature of representation elicits spectators to question its meaning. Creating a visual that evidently defies nature, the three dimensional sculpture consists of the trace of suspended motion, carved out to emulate our fleeting moments in motion. By using virtual tools she is able to sculpt out the remnants created by dance movement, resulting in an authentic display of our unique human legacy by our overlooked everyday actions. A dance performance narrates a story or provokes an emotion, each movement quickly passes, nothing remains, except the feeling. The debris, however non-physical, is one of the rare existing forms that appears as quickly as it disappears.


Using modern technologies, Jacarini is able to bring visibility to our forgotten traces and presents it in an undisclosed composition to incite inquiry. It’s minimal presentation comprised of complex technologies represents our overlooked moments that contain impactful reverberations. The combination of virtual reality and hologram allows for the creation and presentation to be both a physical matter. The sculpture contradicts the essence of it, immortalising a moment of emotion in motion captured forever for our enjoyment.




HOLOGRAM | Produced in metaverse and minted as NFT on Ethereum blockchain.