This Mural was commissioned by Swire properties, they believe that the arts help to enrich our communities, which is why

they regularly host and support arts and cultural events, performances, exhibitions and artwork commissions.


Ophelia was asked to create an artwork for star street area, she was completely free in her creativity, but of course the Mural

is meant to fit this very particular district of Hong Kong. 


Apparently, star street area is the last authentic neighbourhoods left." It isn't an unfair assessment. Through a quirk of geography, Star, Sun, Moon and St Francis streets have become an island of tranquility in a congested city. Settled in 1889, when Hong Kong's first power plant opened nearby, the area was for decades a working-class residential enclave. That changed after 2004, when Swire Properties opened Three Pacific Place, which attracted thousands of office workers and a new crop of

bars and restaurants to make their office-bound

lives more tolerable.Even as the high-rises encroach, the neighbourhood's dead-end streets, narrow alleyways and leafy squares retain their quietude, a quality complemented by an eclectic range of businesses that see the area's calm as an asset."All of this makes the neighbourhood very precious," says architect Christopher Law. Three years ago, Law's firm, the Oval Partnership, worked with Swire and the government to revamp the area's public spaces. The space was create for the whole community as an extension of their flat; spaces where everyone feels welcome.

Always inspired by human body and movements it is naturally that Ophelia opted for a “ Ballet” Mural. "As a dancer and a yogi, movements brings me joy and peace, exactly what I wanted people to feel by looking at my wall” as she said. Before starting this project she spent a few days walking around star street in order to feel the atmosphere and be inspired by it. “ I realized that this space was a little bit apart from the rest of Hong Kong, it is almost like New York, London or Montreal. Full of friends, family and couples having brunches, I felt inspired by their happy faces. Look up and you will see colors all around you... blue building , orange, pink... This is how I found the pallet for my Mural.”