2017 Villa Barone Alfieri, Italy 

This two-meter wide sculpture represents an almost symmetrical shape created by the embroideries of blue rope on a metal round frame.  Representing the unique relaxing feeling people have when they look at water Mandra is a query into ‘arts as means of healing’. 


Water is widely used to heal the body and the mind; its repetitive movement and blue shades calm and relax its observer. Mandra, reflecting this idea, sees its form as both repetitive in its unique embroidery and its movement, a hypnotic visual experience assisted by the wind in the space it is hung.


Mandra was created by Ophelia Jacarini during her residency in Sicily, Italy upon her numerous research on therapeutic arts, medicine, and meditation. The artwork is permanently exhibited on the seaside of Sicily, hanged to the ceiling of a room which is exposed to wind. The wind allows the sculpture to move randomly and fluidly.

Cotton rope embroidered on metal circle, 2000 x 2000 x 5cm