SEPT 2019 

With a focus of ‘circles’ as symbolism, Kirka is an exploration into the cycle of occurrence, reoccurrence, and existence inspired by meditation, repetition, and the nature of therapeutic acts and powers. Made of a metal circular frame strung with blue wool that weaves throughout the metal structure and cascades onto the environment it is within, Kirka aims to create greater awareness to the spiritual self, life and of spirit to build focus, confidence, and deeper connections with one’s real self. Its pattern and design is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist culture and their views of purity and sacredness of existence.


The symbolism of circles hold strong meaning and significance in countless religions and traditions, especially within Hinduism and Buddhism. It has been seen as an artistic expression and symbolic representation between universe and spirit, and periods of creativity, power of existence, and deeper connection with self and the universe at large. In the modern day, Circles have become a popular symbol of meditation, aiding in enhancing focus, silencing thoughts throughout meditative practice, and combatting stress and anxiety. It supports individuals in appreciating the beauty of nature.