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Fetus, explores the relationship between mother and her baby during pregnancy and into growth. The series of textile sculptures are worn pieces produced to create empathy to the relationship of mother and child.


Fetus, consists of a young baby made of fabric sewn to the front of a leotard. While wearing Fetus, the intentions is to reproduce the strong feeling and attachment of being an actual mother carrying a baby. 


As an extended continuation in examining the relationship between mother and child, a series of masks were created, made of fabric layers in which human faces are molded. Each creation reflects the spirit and mind of the child in growth as they take on different identities explored in development years. The mother is embodied by the viewer as the model dons the perspective of the child. The relationship is examined through one’s own reaction to the identities displayed.


As child becomes adult, identity forms further through the pressures and realities of society and culture. Importances of relationships shifts between mother and society. As a representation, an entire collection of clothes inspired by bodies and imperfections were created to showcase the tangible and intangible reflections of suffering in growth. Knitting and stitches are used to create irregularities and shapes that represent issues and ailments both physical and phycological. 


Fetus displays the process of growth from birth and how our relationships change over time from perspectives of the mother to those of society. This work questions the influence and the role of figures in ones life and examines the relationship they may play on individuals.

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