Born 28/012/1991 in France - live between Paris and Hong-Kong
Artist (sculpture and installation) Textile designer and fashion experience with LVMH

Ophelia Jacarini studied both Textile Design at “Chardon Savard” school and Fine Arts at “École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts” in Paris. Her inspiration stems from her studying patterns, materials and movement, which she learned from her other passion : dance. After 15 years of Ballet and 3 years of of yoga, the human body moves impacts her work and inspirations deeply.
After focusing on sculpting and painting in school, she eventually turned to installation. Her work is deeply linked to each individual place she settles in, which she transforms using different media. Natural light, wind, textiles and metamorphosis are the key elements that influence her work. She uses rope, fabric, metal, etc. boldly brought to a new meaning in unexpected places. She is also influenced by Haute couture techniques and know-how, which she studied in school and practiced for tree years while working for John Galliano and Yiqing Yin.
After her graduation, she created travelled Asia to study embroideries technic form small villages in Burma, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Ophelia relocated in Hong Kong in September 2016. Her first solo exhibition took place in March 2017, “ ORIGIN” at Lightstage Gallery in soho. Amongst the artworks she showcased then was the massive installation “movement” made of two large scale paintings that was installed in a “U” shape, carried by raw construction metal poles. Since then, she worked on several projects, including “ Mandra”, her second solo exhibition in Sicily, Italy last September 2017. Followed by “Bejart” a nomadic art installations project that took place in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Mexico.
Since she arrived in Hong Kong, Ophelia has been perfecting an embroidery technique she introduced during her sensitiveness performance for le “ French May” , based upon cotton rope. She pursues her research though this Bejart series that as been traveling from April 2018 to now.



2018, July, Bejart, installation in Merida, Mexico.


2018, May, Bejart, installation in Penang, Malaysia.


2018, May, Bejart, installation in Kyoto, Japan.

2018, April Bejart, installation in Hong Kong

2017, Sept , MADRA, solo exhibition at Villa Barone Alfieri in Italy

2017, May, SENSITIVENESS, participation to French May Art Festival, in Hong Kong

2017, March, ORIGIN , solo exhibition at Lightstage Gallery in Hong Kong 

2017, February,  ATELIER OPHELIA  , in Studio Solo show at Lightstage Gallery in Hong Kong